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The Legal Rights of Union Stewards -by Robert M. Schwartz

The FMLA Handbook: A Union Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act

 by Robert M. Schwartz

The FMLA: Understanding The Family And Medical Leave Act-

Will Aitchison 2003

Moments in Time : True Stories of the United States Postal Inspectors-  Bill Phinazee and Larry Weaver tell what it's like to be a United States Postal Inspector. Snail Mail Versus EmailFrance Bozeman was a mailman in Albany for 33 years. He started in the 1940's when postal workers were paid about 75 cents an hour and a first-class stamp cost 3 cents. In his book called "Snail Mail versus Email", Bozeman shares decades of his adventures as a mailman and reflects on the differences between those days and today's technologies.

Before Conflict- Preventing Aggressive Behavior-Dr. John D. Byrnes, who coined the phrase "Aggression Management" has conducted Aggression Management Workshops for  the Postal Service.  Read comments from postal employees on Aggression Management.

Web of Betrayal : A Work Saga for the 21st Century --"Wendy Ghannam  is a former federal employee turned whistleblower. She suffered a disability from her job and was basically threatened, denied her rights, denied her compensation and made unemployable because of her former work arena in the  federal gov't. If you work for anyone but yourself, you'll find this book a "legal-like" treasure." Read Wendy's Article: Federal Workers Beware!!

U.S. Postal Service: Deteriorating Financial Outlook Increases Need for Transformation

by Bernard Ungar, Director, Government Business Operations Issues, General Government Division


Management evolution-

False Prophets-The Gurus Who Created Modern Management and Why Their Ideas Are Bad for Business Today| see review

Amerithrax: The Hunt for the Anthrax Killer-by Robert Graysmith
comprehensive work about  the relentless scientific manhunt to answer the question of who the anthrax killer was.
Historian Nelson Lichtenstein’s State of the Union superbly surveys and analyzes how these dilemmas of labor unions over the centuries

Robert's Rules of Order (Newly Revised, 10th Edition)-Since Robert's Rules of Order first was published in 1896, it's been the means to orderly, smooth, and fairly conducted meetings

More Books, Movies

Mailman -A Novel -by J. Robert Lennon-Albert Lippincott is a resident of Nestor, NY --mailman extraordinaire, aggressively cheerful, obsessively efficient. But Albert has a few things to hid

The Killer Postman-by Reginald Buchanan a limited duty letter carrier Delivering mail has its dangers—dogs, adverse weather, and managerial guidance—but when people start turning up dead, delivering mail is taken to a new and horrible level!

Postal Worker
"Neither rain, nor snow, nor hail of bullets..."   Starring: Brad Garrett (Raymond's policeman brother on CBS-TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond")

Pete the P.O.'d Postal Worker-You get a full 142 pages of art that will make you respect your local postal worker, if not fear them.

 Two suspense and adventure books Arcnam and Mikeskey by  Albert Aloysious Waters, a Data Technician at the Greensboro, North Carolina Bulk Mail Center

Chicken Beaks Revisited : An Hispanic Adolescence is a story written by Fresno, Calif. Postal Supervisor and part-time author Ben Romero "Chicken Beaks Revisitedt ells a story about family, religion, and values. This story, told through the eyes of an emerging teen, retraces the lives of an Hispanic, Catholic family living in Northern New Mexico during the 1960's.
Too Much Like Right and More Poems About Postal Life Part  2-K.D. Greene’s book focuses on the experiences of postal workers, yet these experiences could also be related to any career situation. K.D. Greene is a native Los Angeles author and poet with 23 years of postal experience  It Still Exists Today - A True Story of Racism in the United States Postal Service: The Story Oklahoma Did Not Want Told- by  former Postal Clerk Raymond Christian

Ellis College Of New York Institute of Technology-The Postal Service has an agreement with Ellis College to provide online courses to all postal employees interested in earning an undergraduate degree or MBA. Ellis offers a 10 percent discount for tuition to all postal employees. This special tuition rate will remain in effect during the entire time of the employee/student's matriculation. For more information about registration, dates and classes, go to:
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Central Michigan University
Graduate Courses-
The Postal Service has an agreement with Central Michigan University to provide higher education for postal employees online or at one of CMU's 60 locations nationwide. CMU offers a 15 percent discount off the College of Extended Learning graduate tuition rate. This special tuition rate remains in effect during the entire time of the employee/student’s matriculation. For more information about programs offered by CMU go to or call (877) 679-1268.  

Allsteel Office Furniture-The Allsteel  Office  Furniture contract is now offering Postal Employees discounted office furniture for home use. As a postal employee, you now have the opportunity to purchase an Allsteel Trooper chair for your home from Allsteel, Inc., the Postal Service's strategic partner for office furniture. The Trooper chair is offered to employees at the same discount the Postal Service receives.

USPS has agreement with Strayer University to provide higher education Online, on-site at the Bolger Center in Potomac, MD, or on-campus. A national discount of 10% was recently negotiated, and in addition, Strayer University will waive all application fees for USPS employees. The reduced tuition will take effect with the winter, 2004 session (USPS) 12/30-Strayer University USPS website 

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